Hey there!

I'm Aditya Sripada.

I'm currently pursuing my Master of Science degree in Robotics at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

I love building circuits, products, and robots that impact the real world. Everything about Engineering excites me. I have a bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, but I have experience working in all domains of robotics- designing mechanical structures, building circuits, and power systems, developing optimal controls, and programming complex robotic systems.

Advised by Prof. Hartmut Geyer, my research focuses on building optimal control policies for highly non-linear, dynamic, and underactuated systems; particularly legged robots. My work also includes implementing these controls on a bipedal robot of human scale, ATRIAS. I also develop Power Systems and Localization Algorithms for the CMU's Moon Rover (Moonlander) .

Contact Me: EMail | LinkedIn

Areas of Interest:

Legged Systems

Rehabilitation Robotics

Health & Assistive Tech

Underactuated Robotics & Optimal Control